Similarly to previous meetings of the CHSA, the meeting in Austin has a topic that will serve as the underlying discourse aiming to bring all the papers together. The conference topic is "Knowledge Exchange and Transference of Building Technology."  Nevertheless, all Construction History topics related to Americas will be welcome.


Meeting topic: Knowledge Exchange and Building Technology Transfer


The History of Construction has evolved by experimentation, refinement, and by the transference of knowledge across different cultures and continents. The cross pollination of ideas, methods of construction, and even styles is characteristic of the development of the architectural discipline. In the Americas these encounters of cultures and modes of operation have created a rich scenario in which buildings emerge as result of the cultural exchange, insertion of new social orders, industrialization, and adoption of new technologies. As cities change and mature the exchange and influences have become an intrinsic part of this ongoing evolution (and revolution) that impacts the built environment and its methods of materialization.

This conference seeks to establish a discussion within the frame of the knowledge exchange and building technology transfer. We seek for research work that depicts the spectrum of scenarios, building solutions, industry, and cultural transformations that are the result of those exchanges and transferences. The discussions aim to  reflect on the assimilations, education, and transformation processes necessary when importing or exporting building technology reflecting on the particular solutions that emerged from the process itself. 



The Construction History Society of America


The Construction History Society of America (CHSA) is dedicated to the study of the history and evolution of all aspects of the built environment—its creation, maintenance and management. It is a forum for scholars and professionals in the field to share, meet and exchange ideas and research. Membership is open to a wide range of construction-related disciplines involved in the planning, development, design and construction of buildings and engineering infrastructure, in addition to those concerned with their operation and preservation. Members share a passion for examining how our existing structures were planned, designed and built, with the purpose of using this knowledge to better preserve what we have and to guide us in determining future directions.

The Construction History Society of America (CHSA) was organized in May 2007. It is a branch of the Construction History Society (CHS), based in the United Kingdom. Since its inception, CHSA has hosted four biennial meetings: in Atlanta (2008), Philadelphia (2010), Boston (2012), and Minneapolis (2014).  A fifth biennial will be held in Austin, Texas in 2016. Members of the CHSA receive a quarterly newsletter focusing on American construction history, as well as full benefits of membership of the UK CHS: Construction History, a scholarly journal and the leading international publication in its field, the CHS newsletter, and links to scholars in the field worldwide. CHSA members also received discounted registration to CHSA-sponsored events.



The city of Austin, Texas


The conference will take place in the facilities of the School of Architecture at the University of Texas, Austin. The vital and rapidly transforming city of Austin represents an ideal scenario to establish conversations related toknowledge exchange and building technology transfer. With more than 570 historic designated landmarks and variety of activities Austin will be an attractive place for those attending the conference.


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