Construction History Society of America announces


for the 5th Biennial Meeting on Construction History


Held at the School of Architecture at the University of Texas at Austin, May 26 – 29, 2016

We invite researchers and practitioners from all aspects of the history of construction to submit presentation and paper abstracts for the 5th Biennial Meeting on Construction History, to be held in the city of Austin, Texas. The conference will be hosted by the Construction History Society of America and the School of Architecture at the University of Texas at Austin from May 26-29, 2016. The conference follows on successful meetings for the CHSA held in Minneapolis MN (2014), Cambridge MA (2012), Philadelphia PA (2010), and Atlanta GA (2008).

Abstracts for presentation and paper (optional)

Abstracts can be submitted for either a presentation or a paper. Abstracts will be compiled in a hard-copy catalogue to be distributed at the meeting.  Abstracts for presentation imply that the author(s) intent is to do a slideshow presentation only.  Abstracts for papers are also accepted implying that author(s) will do both, a presentation and a paper. Each abstract must include:

   a title,

   authors names and institutional affiliations,

   an abstract of 4000 characters,

   key words (selected, if possible, from the list of topics and subjects),

   a one-page curriculum vitae indicating contact information, status, laboratory affiliation if relevant, and publications or other relevant work for each author.


Slideshows accepted by the Scientific Committee will be presented and collected at the meeting and will be published electronically at the CHSA website with the authors consent.  

The CHSA biennial will publish a booklet with abstracts only. If authors are interested in submitting a full paper they should submit directly to Journal of the Construction History Society  following the procedures, publication format, and requirements of the Journal. The submission of a paper to the 5th CHSA meeting does not exempt papers from the Journal's review process.

All presentations must be in English. Please go to the contact page in this website and submit an inquiry with any questions.

Similarly to previous meetings of the CHSA, the meeting in Austin has a topic that will serve as the underlying discourse aiming to bring all the papers together. The conference topic is "Knowledge Exchange and Transference of Building Technology."  Nevertheless, all Construction History topics related to the Americas will be welcome.

Papers topics may also include:

   History and construction of specific projects

   History of the building trades or specific builders

   Organization of construction work

   Wages and the economics of construction

   The development of building codes and regulations

   Trade unions and guilds

   Structural analysis and the development of structural forms

   Development of construction tools, cranes, scaffolding, etc

   Building techniques in response to their environments

   Building materials, their history, production and use

   History of services (heating, lighting etc.) in buildings

   The changing role of the professions in construction

   Building archaeology

   Computer simulation, experimentation and reconstruction

   Use of construction history for dating of historic fabric

   Recording, preservation and conservation

   Construction in architectural writing

   The role of construction history in education

   The bibliography of construction history

   The theory and practice of construction history


Important Dates:


Deadline for abstracts: November 15th, 2015

Abstract decision notification: January 6th, 2016

Deadline for paper submission: February 9th, 2016

Deadline for final papers: March 31st, 2016