Join us to celebrate Brian Bowen!

Brian Bowen is a Professor of Practice in the School of Building Construction at Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta. Prior to this appointment in 2005 he was president of Hanscomb Inc., international construction consultants. He teaches a course on the Construction Industry – Its Past, Present & Future which led to his interest in Construction History. Tech supported the creation of the Construction History Society of America which came to life in 2008, Brian guided its development and growth until 2015 when he stepped down as Chairman of the Management Committee.

Very few organizations can point to such a single action as their origin, but Brian's vision in tracking down every American who presented at the Second International Congress in Cambridge was an inspired act, one that led to years of conversations, shared research, and collaboration.  CHSA simply would not exist, and would not have become the organization it is, without his tireless organization, leadership, and gentle nudges to those of us who have been involved.  His steady hand during the long, complicated planning for our Fifth Congress in Chicago helped us bring researchers from all over the world to America, and his friendship has kept many of us close to the organization throughout the last eight years.


Please join us at the Members’ Meeting on Thursday, May 26th at 5:30pm in GOL 3.120 as we recognize Brian for his commitment and unending efforts on behalf of the Construction History Society of America.